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EPF notification COVID-19- Pandemic
Home Working Agreement
Home Working Application Form
Homeworking – Guidelines for Employees
Lay off warning – Covid
Layoff Letter to employee
Letter to client for delay in delivery of product due to COVID-19
Letter to client for making Prompt payment
Letter to client informing delay in service due to COVID-19
Letter to Employee to En-cash paid leave
Letter to Landlord for Waiver of Rent
Letter to landlord to lower rent template
Letter to vendor asking for discount
Letter to vendor for extension in time to make payment
Letter to vendor to cancel order
Letteremail for Extension of Time to pay rent
Management Survey during Covid19 Pandemic Template
Notice of Pay Reduction to All Employees
Notice of Salary Reduction
Notice of Termination
Notice to client for not making payment (2)
Notice to Landlord for Intent to Vacate office
Notification of Corona Virus
Request Letter for work from home due to covid 19
Temporary Layoff Letter – Covid
Translated copy of Notification
Voluntary Layoff Letter Due to Coronavirus

COVID-19 Posters:

 If One is Unwell
 Avoid Touching
 Wash Hands
 Do Not Share
 Social Distancing
 Workplace Sanitation
Please proceed this way.
Alert authority if unwell.
Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.
Do not ring the bell. Call the concerned person.
Clean hands, save lives.
Clean your hands before getting back to work.
Cover your mouth and nose.
Please act responsibly.
Covid 19 screening.
Spitting could be dangerous.
Do not enter if unwell.
Do not share personal items.
Do not touch lift walls.
Do not touch the handrails.
Gloves and masks needed beyond this point.
Handshake-free zone.
Please maintain physical distance.
Limited entry in lift.
Line starts here.

  Iceberg Infographics
  Startup Infographics
  Tree Infographics
  Tree Vector
  Tree Vector For
  Banner Infographics
  Banner Vector Infographics
  Business Banner Infographics
  Cause Effect Fishbone
  Demography Diagrams
  Demography Diagrams
  Demography Infographics
  Ecology Diagrams
  Ecology Infographics
  Ecology Vector Infographics
  Education Diagrams
  Education Infographics
  Education Infographics
  Education Infographics 2
  Fishbone Analysis
  Fishbone Diagram Presentation
  Fishbone Diagram
  Fishbone Problem Solving
  Funnel Diagram
  Gantt Chart Diagram
  Gantt Charts
  Geometric For Education
  Geometric Infographics For Presentations
  Geometric Infographics
  Health Diagrams
  Health Infographics
  Infographics For Education
  Infographics For Teachers
  Ishikawa Diagram
  Marketing Funnel Chart
  Marketing Funnel Chart
  Marketing Funnel Diagram
  Marketing Funnel Stages
  Marketing Funnel
  Medical Diagrams
  Medical Field Infographics
  Medical Infographics For Powerpoint
  Medical Infographics
  Medicine Diagrams
  Medicine Infographics
  Medicine Infographics
  Mind Map Infographics
  Org Charts
  Organizational Chart Emplate Light
  Organizational Charts
  Powerpoint Gantt Chart
  Product Roadmap
  Project Launch Infographics
  Adkar Infographics
  Project Management Diagrams
  Project Management Infographics
  Project Management Infographics
  Project Roadmap Infographics
  Purchase Funnel Diagram
  Puzzle Infographics
  Puzzle Infographics For Powerpoint
  Puzzle Infographics
  Pyramid Infographics
  Real Estate Diagrams
  Banner Diagrams For Presentations
  Real Estate Diagrams For Powerpoint
  Real Estate Infographic s
  Real Estate Infographics
  Real Estate Infographics For Powerpoint
  Real Estate Infographics For Presentations
  Roadmap Diagram For Organizations
  Roadmap Powerpoint
  Sales Funnel
  Sales Process Funnel
  Banner Infographics
  Simple Roadmap
  Social Media Diagrams For Presentations
  Social Media Infographics
  Social Media Vector Infographics
  Spiral Diagrams
  Spiral Infographics
  Startup Infographics
  Value Chain Analysis
  Value Chain Diagram
  Value Chain
  Banner Infographics Vectors And Presentations

Advantage Powerpoint
Advisor Business Powerpoint
Alestra Powerpoint
Alexa Powerpoint
Atom Powerpoint
Averia Powerpoint
Bee Powerpoint
Boneti Powerpoint
Branch Homes Real Estate
Bridgemax Powerpoint
Bridgewater Powerpoint
Bright Powerpoint
Brightline Powerpoint
Brilliant Homes Powerpoint
Brook Powerpoint
Brown Powerpoint
Cashwise Powerpoint
Castel Powerpoint Template
Cinzel Powerpoint
Company Profile Powerpoint
Cordia Powerpoint
Corpo Powerpoint
Corporate Powerpoint
Della Powerpoint
Deluxe Powerpoint
Element Powerpoint
Elevate Powerpoint
Ewert Powerpoint
Explans Powerpoint
Fenix Powerpoint
Financial Capital Powerpoint
Financial Group Powerpoint
Five Stars Powerpoint
Flow Powerpoint
Forward Powerpoint
Fountain Corp Powerpoint
Futuro Powerpoint
Geneva Powerpoint
Grace Powerpoint
Groupex Powerpoint
Halant Powerpoint
Highland Powerpoint
Innovate Powerpoint
Insight Powerpoint
Interactive Powerpoint
Investments Powerpoint
Lakeland Powerpoint
Learn Powerpoint
Live Powerpoint
Marbella Powerpoint
Marcher Powerpoint
Marketing Pitch Powerpoint
Meiryo Powerpoint
Menlo Powerpoint
Mind Powerpoint
Mirza Powerpoint
Monex Powerpoint
Monsieur Powerpoint
Next Powerpoint
North Capital Powerpoint
Nova Powerpoint
Omma Powerpoint
One Powerpoint
Paramount Powerpoint
Performance Powerpoint
Pexel Powerpoint
Phantom Powerpoint
Pinnacle Powerpoint
Pitch Deck Powerpoint
Porto Powerpoint
Prius Powerpoint
Quattro Powerpoint
Realtor Powerpoint
River Nest Powerpoint
Rosewood Powerpoint
Sand Powerpoint
Segoe Powerpoint
Sequoia Powerpoint
Skyline Powerpoint
Smart Property Powerpoint
Smpl Powerpoint
Sonata Powerpoint
Source Powerpoint
Squada Powerpoint
Star Powerpoint
Stellar Powerpoint
Teaching Powerpoint
Think Powerpoint
Training Powerpoint
Trend Powerpoint
Walden Powerpoint
X Powerpoint
Zoom Powerpoint

What is GST And Update
Travel Agent Recognition Guidelines
The Textiles Committee’s Employees
Textiles Committee’s Employees (Conditions Of Service)
Textiles Committee Rules
Textiles Committee Act
Schedule Of GST Rates For Services
Regulations On Administration Of Printing Industry
Regulation Of Private Schools
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Law
New Foreign Trade Procedure
Foreign Trade Policy Statement
Foreign Trade Policy Exim
Faqs On GST By Cbec
Companies Act 2013
Banking Law And Practice In India
Approved Ota Guidelines
Appendices And Anf Of Ftp
Textiles Committee’s Employees Conduct And Discipline
List Of Services Under Reverse Charge
HSN Codes For GST
GSTP Formats
GST Transition Form Formats
GST Rules Valuation
GST Rules Transition Provisions
GST Rules Tax Invoice, Credit And Debit Notes
GST Rules Revised Return
GST Rules Return
GST Rules Registration
GST Rules Refund
GST Rules Payment Of Tax
GST Rules Input Tax Credit
GST Rules E-waybill
GST Rules Composition
GST Rules Assessment Audit
GST Rules Appeal And Revision
GST Rules Accounts And Record
GST Rules Account And Records
GST Rule Transition Provisions
GST Return Formats
GST Rate Schedule
GST Mismatch Formats
GST Compensation Cess Rates for Different Supplies
GST Accounts And Records Format

Board Meeting Notice
Breach Of Lease
contract termination notice
Final Notice Before Legal Action
Final Notice Of Impending Litigation
Litigation Hold Notice Letter
Nonpayment Notice To Quit
Notice About The Employee, Who Has Ceased To Be In Employment
Notice By Landlord To Tenant For Demand Of Possession Of House After Expiry Of Lease Period
Notice By Lessor To Lessee To Quit For Non Payment Of Rent
Notice By Purchaser for Specific Performance in Agreement
Notice by Tenant to Determine Lease
Notice by Vendor to Complete Purchase of Immovable Property
Notice For Dues Recovery
Notice For Forclosure Of Property
Notice for Suit under Section 80 of CPC
Notice Of Assignment By Assignee
Notice of Audit Committee meeting
Notice Of Back Ordered Item
Notice Of Bulk Transfer
Notice Of Determination Of Lease For Breach Of Covenants Contained In The Lease Deed
Notice Of Dispatch
Notice Of Demand
Notice Of Dissolution Of Partnership
Notice Of Intent To Exercise Warehouse Lien By Auction
Notice of Nomination & Remuneration Commitee meeting
Notice Of Rejection Of Goods
Notice Of Rejection Of Non-Confirming Goods
Notice Of Rent Increase
Notice Of Return Of Goods Form
Notice Of Sale Of Pledged Goods
Notice of Stakeholder Relationship Commitee meeting
Notice To Debtor To Pay Debt
Notice To Exercise Lease Option
Notice to Owner of Adjacent Property to not Construct Anything That May Invade Privacy
Notice To Pay Rent
Notice to client for not making payment
Notice To Stop Goods In Transit
Notice to the shareholders of AGM
Sales & Events Consultant Contract
Sample Notice Of Rescission Letter
Waiver Of Notice Of Special Meeting


Noc For Attending Workshop
Noc For Credit Card
Noc For Double Shift
Noc For Employees To Work In Other Organization
Noc For Organizing Event
Noc For Part Time Job
Noc For Personal Loan
Noc For Tourist Vissa
Noc For Trainee Student From Company
Noc For Visiting Abroad
Noc Letter Format For Department Change
Noc Letter Format For Job Change
Noc Letter Format For Studies
Noc Letter To Employee For Visa

Acknowledged Receipt Of Goods
Advertising Sales Letter
Apology And Tender Of Compensation
Apology For Accounting Errors And Past Due Notice
Apology For Defective Product
Apology For Delayed Response
Apology For Invoice Error
Apology For Missing Appointment
Apology For Overshipment
Apology Letter For A Mistake
Apology Letter For Demand Of Goods
Apology Letter For Inconvenience
Apology Letter For Late Coming To Work
Apology Letter For Late Delivery
Apology Letter For Mistake In Work
Apology Letter For Mistake To Client
Apology Letter For Poor Customer Service
Apology Letter To A Client
Apology Letter To A Colleague
Apology Letter To A Customer
Apology Letter To Boss
Apology Letter To Employee
Appointment Letter – Internal Auditor
Appointment Letter For Non-Executive Independent Director
Appointment Letter Of Attorney
Appointment Letter Of Chartered Accountant
Appointment Of Statutory Auditor
Appointment Of Tax Auditor
Authority Letter
Business Apology Letter For Inconvenience
Business Apology Letter For Miscommunication
Cancellation Of Unfulfilled Order
Charge Back Application Of Discount On Delayed Shipment
Checklist Investigating Complaints Of Harassment – Hr
Complaint Letter Against Employee
Complaint Letter To Hr
Customer Complaint Acknowledgement Letter
Customer Complaint Letter
Demand Of Delivery
Email To Vendor To Cancel Order
Encouragement To Increase Sales
Exclusive Right To Sell
Expiration Of Service Contract
Formal Complaint Letter About Manager
Friendly Apology For Late Payment
Leave and License Agreement
Letter Announcing New Service
Letter Of Appointment For Advertising Agency
Letter Of Appointment For Architect
Letter Of Appointment For Broker
Letter Of Appointment For Business Partner
Letter Of Appointment For C&F Agent
Letter Of Appointment For Customer Support Partner
Letter Of Appointment For Director
Letter Of Appointment For Employment Agency
Letter Of Appointment For Executive Director
Letter Of Appointment For Finance Consultant
Letter Of Appointment For Franchisee Partner
Letter Of Appointment For Freelancer
Letter Of Appointment For Freight Partner
Letter Of Appointment For Housekeeping Services Vendor
Letter Of Appointment For Investment Manager
Letter Of Appointment For Logistics Partner
Letter Of Appointment For Manufacturing Partner
Letter Of Appointment For Marketing Agent
Letter Of Appointment For Marketplace Management Partner
Letter Of Appointment For Merchant Banker
Letter Of Appointment For Non-Executive Director
Letter Of Appointment For Principal Contractor
Letter Of Appointment For Product Consultant
Letter Of Appointment For Sole Selling Agent For Negotiating Contracts
Letter Of Appointment For Sole Selling Agent
Letter Of Appointment For Sub-Contractor
Letter Of Appointment For Vendor
Letter Of Appointment For Web Development Partner
Letter Of Appointment
Letter Of Assignment Of Accounts Receivable With Non-Recourse
Letter Of Authorization To Negotiate
Letter Of Authorization
Letter Of Intent
Letter Of Understanding Regarding Terms Of Proposed Contract
Letter To Bank
Letter To Confirm Verbal Order
Order Acknowledgement Letter
Order Letter In Business Communication
Parts Arrival Notification
Personal Apology Letter For Misunderstanding
Product Sales Proposal Letter
Purchase Order Cancellation Letter
Purchase Order Letter
Refusal Letters
Request For Proposal
Request For Repair Of Enclosed Merchandise
Response Letter To A Complaint
Return Authorization Letter
Sale On Approval Acknowledgement
Sale On Consignment Acknowledgement Letter
Sample Complaint Letter For Poor Customer Service
Settlement Of Disputed Amount Buyer
Warning Letter To Employee For Customer Complaint
Welcome Letter From Landlord Society
Wondering Why You Stopped Purchasing From Us

Invoices (42)

Advertising Invoice
Architect Invoice Template
Artist Invoice Template
Attorney Invoice
Bill Of Lading
Cake Invoice Template
Car Sale Invoice Template
Carpenter Invoice Template
Clinic Invoice Template
Commercial Invoice
Construction Invoice
Consulting Invoice
Contractor Invoice Template
Dental Invoice Template
Estimate Invoice Template
Event Planning Invoice Template
Freelance Invoice Template
Furniture Invoice Template
Hotel Invoice Template
Hourly Invoice
Invoice Template
Invoice Tracker
It Services Invoice Template
Labour Invoice
Landscaping Invoice Template
Lease Invoice Template
Legal Invoice
Mechanic Invoice Template
Medical Invoice Template
Painting Invoice Template
Photography Invoice
Performa Invoice Template
Purchase Invoice
Purchase Order
Sales Invoice
Sample Timesheet Invoice
Service Invoice
Training Invoice
Travel Invoice Template
Vehicle Invoice
Web Design Invoice Template

Quotations (27)

Audit Quotation Template
Auto Repair Quotation Template
Branding Quotation
Builders Quotation
Business Proposal Quotation Template
Business Quotation
Bill of Quantities For Interior Works
Catering Quotation
Commercial Cleaning Quotation Template
Contractor Quotation Template
Electronic Repair Quotation
Event Photography Quotation Template
Graphic Design Quotation
Interior Design Quotation
It Consulting Quotation
Machinery Purchase Quotation
Price Quotation
Product Quotation Template
Project Management Quotation Template
Purchase Quotation
Sale Quotation
Sample Network Quotation
Security Services Quotation Template
Small Business Quotation Template
Software Quotation
Training Course Quotation
Web Project Quotation

Business Media Kit Template
Education Trifold
Event Media Kit
Fashion Media Kit Template
Franchise Business Media Kit
Insurance Business Media Kit Template
Marketing Media Kit Template
Product Media kit template
Restaurant Business Media Kit Template
Small Business Media Kit Template
Sponsorship Media Kit Template
Startup Media Kit Template
Travel Media Kit Template
2 Page Media Kit Template A4
Author Media kit Template A4 P1 &P2 A4
Company Media Kit Template US
Creative Media Kit Template A4
Free Digital Advertising Media Kit Template
Free Product Media Kit Template
Magazine Media Kit Template
Minimalist Media Kit Template Page 1&2 A4
One Page Media Kit Template A4
Photographer influencer Media Kit Template A4
Photographer Media Kit Template Front and Back A4
Product Media kit template A4
Professional Media Kit Template
Simple Media Kit Template Page A4
Social Media Pitch Deck.
Sponsorship Media Kit Template A4
Youtube Media Kit Template A4


Blog Media Kit

Blog Media Kit 1
Blog Media Kit 2
Blog Media Kit 3
Blog media kit 4
Blog media kit 5
Blog media kit 6
Blog media kit 7
Blog media kit 8
Blog media kit 9
Blog media kit 10


Company Media Kit

Company Media Kit 1.
Company Media Kit 2.
Company Media Kit 3.
Company Media Kit 4.
Company Media Kit 5.
Company Media Kit 6.
Company Media Kit 7.
Company Media Kit 8.
Company Media Kit 9.
Company Media Kit 10.


Contacting Media Kit

CB Media Kit 1.
CB Media Kit 2.
CB Media Kit 3.
CB Media Kit 4.
CB Media Kit 5.
CB Media Kit 6.
CB Media Kit 7.
CB Media Kit 8.
CB Media Kit 9.
CB Media Kit 10.
CB Media Kit 11.
CB Media Kit 12.


Business Plan

Accountancy Firm Business Plan Template
Business Consulting Business Plan
Business Plan Guidelines
Computer Support Business Plan Template
Database Software Business Plan
Digital Marketing Business Plan Template
HR Consulting Business Plan Template
Interior Design Business Plan
IT Consulting Business Plan Template
IT Security Business Plan Template
Logistics Business Plan Template
Manufacturing Business Plan Template
Modern Business Plan Template
Photography Marketing Plan Template
Production Company Business Plan
Quarterly Business Plan Template
Realtor Business Plan
Retail Business Plan Template
Simple Construction Business Plan
Software Company Business Plan Template
Software Sales Business Plan Template
Software Testing Business Plan Template
Tour Operator Business Plan
Travel Agency Marketing Plan Template
T-Shirt Company Business Plan Template
Web Design & Development Business Plan Template
Website Design And Development Business Plan Template
Wedding Photography Business Plan
Youtube Marketing Plan Template

Pitch Decks

Advertising Pitch Deck
Agency Pitch Deck
App Pitch Deck
Business Plan Pitch Deck
Corporate Pitch Deck
Creative Pitch Deck
eCommerce Pitch Deck
Film Pitch Deck
Food Startup Pitch Deck
Investor Pitch Deck
Marketplace Pitch Deck
Real Estate Pitch Deck
Restaurant Pitch Deck
Sales Pitch Deck
Sponsorship Pitch Deck
Startup Pitch Deck
Tech Startup Pitch Deck

Business Presentation

Business Plan
Business Proposal Template for [Client Company] 2
Corporate Travel Agency
Digital Marketing Proposal
Freelance Contract Proposal
Fundraising Presentation
Interior Design Proposal
Jewelry Presentation
Marketing agenda
Marketing presentation
Mortgage Proposal Template
pharmaceutical presentation
Product Presentation
Sales Proposal for [Customer.Company]
Search Engine Optimization Proposal (SEO)
Service Quote Proposal-converted
Social Media Marketing Proposal
Software Development Proposal
Website Development Proposal

Accountant Non-Disclosure Agreement
Accounting Agreement
Addendum To Agreement Of Sale
Addendum To Rent Agreement
Administrative Services Agreement
Advertising Agency Agreement
Advertising And Marketing Agreement
Advertising Sales Representation Agreement
Affidavit Of Identity
Affidavit Of Service
Affidavit Of Title
Affiliate Program Agreement
Agreement Between Carrier And Shipper
Agreement Between Independent Contractor And Service Provider
Agreement Between Owner And Contractor
Agreement For Chairman Of Board Of Directors
Agreement For Outsourcing Call Center
Agreement For Permission To Sublet
Agreement For Redemption of Preferred Shares
Agreement of Absolute Transfer and Assignment of Accounts Receivable
Agreement of Amalgamation between two Companies
Agreement of License between Trade Mark Owner and a Manufacturer
Agreement Of Purchase And Sale Of Business Assets
Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Shares by Shareholder
Agreement Of Sale Of Immovable Property
Agreement To Compromise Debt
Agreement To Extend Debt Payment
Agreement To Lease
Amendment to That Certain Sales Contract
Annual Maintenance Contract
Application Of Zoning Variance
Arbitration Agreement
Artist Agent Agreement
Asset Purchase Agreement For a Real Estate Property
Assets Purchase Agreement
Assets Sale Agreement
Assignment Of Accounts Receivable With Recourse
Assignment Of Contract To Sell Real Estate
Assignment of Contributor Rights Agreement
Assignment Of Lease By Lessee With Consent Of Lessor
Assignment Of Money Due
Assignment Of Mortgage
Assignment Of Real Estate Contract
Assignment Of Share
Assignment Of Sublease
Balloon Note
Basic Hosting Agreement
Beta Test Non-Disclosure Agreement
Bill Of Sale (With Encumbrances)
Bond to Secure the Performance of a Contract
Booking Agreement
Branch Manager Agreement
Bulk Sale Contract
Business Confidentiality Agreement
Business Investment Agreement
Business Operating Agreement
Business Transfer Agreement
Bylaws Of A Non-Profit Corporation
Canteen Agreement
Celebrity Non Disclosure Agreement
Checklist Website Hosting Agreement
Client – Contractor Agreement
Client Confidentiality Agreement
Co-Branding Agreement Template
Co-Branding Agreement
Commercial Lease Agreement
Commercial Pledge Equipment And Machinery
Commission Agreement
Compromise Disputed Account Agreement
Computer Rental Agreement
Computer Services Agreement
Conditional Sale Agreement
Confidential Agreement (Employment)
Consignment Agreement
Consultancy Agreement
Consultant Non- Disclosureconfidentiality Agreement
Consulting Agreement
Continuing Guarantee
Contract For The Storage Of Goods
Contract Of Sale Of Commercial Property Template
Contractor Agreement
Convertible Debenture Purchase Agreement
Corporate Quarantee – Delivery of Products
Custom Software Development Agreement
Customer Confidentiality Agreement
Data Purchase Agreement
Dealership Contract
Debenture Trust Deed
Deed For Modification Of The Terms Of The Lease
Deed Of Trust
Demand Note
Development Agreement
Distribution Agreement
Driver Employment Agreement
Employment Agency Agreement
Employment Agreement.Doc”
Equipment And Leasehold Improvements Lease Agreement
Equipment Lease Agreement
Equipment License Agreement
Equipment Purchase Agreement
Equipment Sale Agreement
Equipments Maintenance Agreement
Escrow Agreement
Event Vendor Agreement
Eviction Notice
Exclusive Right To Sell Real Estate
Exclusive Solicitation Sales Commission Agreement
Exporter and Importer Agreement
Extension Of Lease
Financing Agreement
Forbearance Agreement
Founder Agreement
Franchise Agreement
Free Linking Agreement Template
Freelance Contract Development
Freelance Contract
freelancer content writer RETAINER AGREEMENT
Freelancer Contract
Freeware License Terms
Fulfillment Services Agreement
Fundraising Agreement
Furniture Agreement
General Power Of Attorney
general proforma for property search report and title verification – bank loan
Guaranty Of Lease
Hiring Agreement
Hosting Agreement
Hr Service Level Agreement
Hypothec On Movables
Importer Agreement
Instalment Payment Agreement
Intellectual Property Sale Agreement
Intercompany Transfer Agreement
Internal Service Level Agreement
Investment Agreement
Investment Banking Agreement
Investor Investing in Partnership Firm
IP Sale Agreement
Irrevocable Proxy
IT Vendor Agreement
It Agreement
It Development Agreement
IT Systems and HR Management Services Agreement
IT Systems
Joint Marketing Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
Lease Cancellation Agreement
Licence Agreement
Licence To Use Agreement
Licence to use Copyright
License Agreement Exclusive And Non-Transferable_Right
License Agreement Install, Construct, Operate, Maintain
License Agreement Non-Exclusive License to Manufacture
License Agreement Non-Transferable And Non-Exclusive
License Agreement Short Form
License Agreement
Limited Partnership Agreement
Limited Power Of Attorney
Line Of Credit Agreement
Llc Operating Agreement
Loan Agreement
Logistic Partner Agreement
Logistics Services Contract
Management Agreement
Management Services Agreement
Manufacturing Agreement
Manufacturing And Distributing Agreement
Marketing Agreement
Marketing Service Agreement
Master Franchise Agreement
Master Services Agreement
Memorandum of Deposit of Title Deeds
Memorandum of Settlement of Industrial dispute between Employer and Employees
Memorandum Of Understanding
Memorandum Recording Family Settlement
Memorandum-of-Understanding MOU
Merchandise Agreement
Merger Agreement.
Mobile Software Agreement
Month To Month Lease Agreement
Mortgage Deed Format
Mortgage Note
Motor Vehicle Conveyance
Multi User License Agreement
Multimedia Development And License Agreement
Music License Agreement
Mutual Cancellation Of Lease
Mutual Confidentiality Agreement
Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
Mutual Release
Non Competence And Non-Disclosure Agreement
Non Poaching agreement
Nondisclosure Agerement.Doc”
Note Purchase Agreement
Offer To Purchase Real Estate Property
Offer to Purchase Shares Agreement Venture Capital
Offer to Purchase Shares Agreement
Operating Agreement
Option To Purchase
Outsourcing Agreement
Partition Deed
Partnership Agreement
Partnership Business Agreement
Partnership Dissolution Agreement
Patent License Agreement
Personal Guaranty
Post-Employment Information Release Agreement
Privacy Policy For It Company
Private Label Agreement Template
Product Distribution Agreement
Product Supply Agreement
Professional Services Agreement
Project Management Agreement
Promissory Note
Property Management Agreement
Publishing Agreement
Purchase Order
Purchasing Agent Agreement
Real Estate Salesman Independent Contractor Agreement
Reciprocal License Agreement
Renovation Agreement
Restrictive Covenants For Employment Agreements Template
Retainer Agreement
Retainership Agreement
Revocable Proxy
Revocation Of Power Of Attorney
Right Of First Refusal
Sale Agreement
Sale Deed
Sales Agency Agreement With Trademarks Protection
Sales Agency Agreement
Sales Commission Agreement
Sales Contract Addendum
Sales Representative Agreement
Security Bond by a Surety
Security Bond for Grant of Succession Certificate (Section 375, Indian Succession Act)
Security Installment Agreement
Senior Advisor Agreement
Settlement Agreement And Release Agreement
Settlement Agreement
Share Holder Agreement
Share Purchase Agreement Deemed Dividend
Share Purchase Agreement
Share Transfer Agreement
Shareholders Agreement
Simple Compromise Agreement
Simple Money Bond
Software Development And Publishing Agreement
Software Distribution Agreement
Software Maintenance Agreement
Standard Joint Development Agreement
Stock Purchase Agreement
Stock Sales Agreement
Stock Subscription Agreement
Strategic Alliance and Supply Agreement
Subcontract Agreement
Subordination Agreement
Supply Agreement
Teaming Agreement
Technology Transfer Agreement
Termination Of Lease Obligation
Terms & Condition For Website
Terms Of Service Agreement
This Deed of Assignment
Trademark Assignment Agreement
Trademark License Agreement
Transfer Of Stock Certificate
Travel Services Agreement
Unilateral Liability Release
Unlimited Guaranty
Unlimited Power Of Attorney- what about laws and sections
Vendor Agreement
Video Clip License Agreement
Visitor Non-Disclosure Agreement
Warehouse Agreement
Web Hosting Agreement Template
Website Development Agreement
Website Development Services Agreement
Website Maintenance Agreement
Website Non Disclosure Agerement
Website Standard Terms And Conditions

Insurance Templates

Company insurance agency agreement
General Insurance Agency Agreement
general Insurance Contract
Insurance Agency Broker Agreement
Insurance service agency agreement
Insurance Service Agreement
Insurance sub producer agency agreement
Primary Mortgage
Quick Guid

Medical Agreement Templates

Emergency Leave Policy
Medical Billing Agreement
Medical consultant agreement
Medical equipment
Medical Insurance Agreement
Medical services agreement
Patient agreement form

Applicant Appraisal Form Evaluation Template
Auto (Car) Loan application form
Bank Loan Application Form
Business Credit Application Template
Buyer’s Property Inspection Report Template
Collection Report Template
Commission Summary Template
Consumer Credit Application Template
Consumer Loan Application
Coronavirus questionaire
Customer Complaint Form
Customer Service Action Form Plan
Dealer Registration Form
Donation Form
Ecommerce Terms and Conditions
Employment Application Form Template
Equipment Loan Agreement
General Warranty Terms and Conditions
Generic Terms and Conditions Template
Health Insurance Terms and conditions
Information Request Form
Job Analysis Template
Lodge Booking Terms and Conditions
Online payment Terms and Conditions
Online Store Terms and Conditions
Packing List of Order Template
Purchase Order – Excel Template
Purchase Requisition Form
Rental application
Return Authorization Template
Social Media Terms and Conditions
Standard Terms and Conditions For Sales of Goods
Standard Terms and Conditions on Purchase
Stock Certificate and Common Stock
Subscription Terms and Conditions
Tax Registration
Telemarketing Report Template
Terms and Conditions of Employment
Training Contract Terms and Conditions
Vendor Evaluation Template
Website Terms and Conditions
Website Usage Terms and Conditions
Wire Transfer Instructions Form Template

Board Resolution For Change In Name Of The Company
Board Resolution Approving An Unanimous Agreement Of Shareholders In
Board Resolution Approving Executive Authority
Board Resolution Approving Negotiation With Company Name
Board Resolution Approving Purchase Of Shares Of [Name Of Company]
Board Resolution For Appointment Of Director Of The Company
Board Resolution For Appointment Of Internal Auditor
Board Resolution Of Approving Declaration Of Final Divid
Board Resolution For Closing Of A Bank Account
Board Resolution For Entering Into An Agreement
Board Resolution Of Authorising The Issue Of Corporate Credit Cards In The Name Of The Executive Director
Board Resolution For Opening Of A Company Bank Account
Board Resolution For Voluntary Winding Up Of The Company
Board Resolution Format For Giving Power Of Attorney
Board Resolution Of Amending The Signing Of Cheques
Board Resolution Of Approving A Sale Agreement
Board Resolution Of Approving Business Asset Acquistion
Board Resolution Of Approving Declaration Of Final Dividend
Board Resolution Of Approving Rights Offering
Board Resolution Of Approving Subdivision Of Issued Shares
Board Resolution Of Approving The Sale Of Shares
Board Resolution Of Authorising A Cheque Approval Procedure
Board Resolution Of Authorising Asset Sales
Board Resolution Of Authorising The Issue Of Corporate Credit Cards In The Name Of The Executive Director
Board Resolution Of Authorising The President To Renew Employment Agreements
Board Resolution Of Contract Award Approval
Board Resolution Of Employee Retirement Approval
Board Resolution Of Officer Appointment
Board Resolution Of Section 186 Of The Companies Act, 2013 (Loan And Investment By The Company)
Board Resolution Of Stock Option Grant Approval
Board Resolution Of To Provide A Loan
Board Resolution On Making Contribution To Political Parties
Draft Board Resolution For Authority to File Court Case
Memorandum Of Association

Asset Tracker
Attendance Sheet
Balance Sheet Monthly
Business Budget Template
Billing Invoice Spreadsheet
Blank SOP
Business Annual Report
Cash Flow Statement
Cashflow Forecast Monthly (Word, Excel)
Company Attendance Sheet
Daily Sales Report
Employee Timesheet
Expense Tracker
Gantt Chart
Goal Setting Worksheet
Hiring Analytics
Interview Score Sheet
Job Handover Report
Lead Tracking Excel
Logistics Spend Per Project Report
Marketing Metrics
Monthly Budget Worksheet
Monthly Expense Report
Monthly Income Spreadsheet
Monthly Marketing Report
Monthly Sales Report
Petty Cash Report
Price Quotation
Price Quotation 2
Restaurant Annual Budget
SaaS Metrics
Sample Audit Report
Sample Payroll Timesheet
Standard Purchase Order
Weekly Cashflow Worksheet
Weekly Sales Report
Work Estimate 5

Customer Persona Template
Email Marketing Planner
Facebook Add Performance Creative
How to Advertise on LinkedIn
Marketing Plan Outline
Marketing Plan Guide
Organic Marketing
Reason to advertise on Facebook
Set up your first Facebook ad
Setup your Facebook account
Social Media Calendar Template
Social Media Strategy Template
Types of Facebook Ads
Content Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy Template
Marketing Strategy Template
Annual Marketing Budget Template

2nd Follow up Sales Email
3rd & final Follow up Sales Email
An Invitation Letter For A Request For A Performance Interview.
Appointment-Booking Confirmation Email Template
Assistance in Free Trial Of Product
Before the invoice is due – Template
Book an Appointment Email Template
Build Rapport
Cold Email Sales Pitch
Cold Sales Pitch
Demo request email
Email on Material Rejected Supplied by Vendor
Email-from Employer to External Agency
End-of-Year Appointment Nudge Email Template
Example of open position announcement email
Feature release announcement email template
Feedback Survey Email Template
Follow up Sales Email
Invitation letter for meeting a potential client or sales pitch
Job offer email
Join Referral Program Email Template
letter of invitation template for a monthly staff meeting
LinkedIn connection accepted sales pitch
New business announcement email template
New employee announcement email
New employee welcome email template
New product release email template
New Product-Service Announcement Email Template
New software release email template
Price Change Announcement Email Template
Prospect website lead
Reengagement Email Template.
Reminder Email for an event or campaign
Responding to a New Customer Enquiry via Email
Responding to Customer Enquiry about Company Products via Email
Responding to Customer Enquiry about Discounts via Email
Responding to Customer Enquiry for a Former Partner via Email
Responding to Customer Enquiry for Price via Email
Responding to Customer Enquiry for Product Old Version via Email
Responding to Customer Enquiry for Product Variety via Email
Review Request Email Template
Sales call Scheduling email
Sales Introduction
Sales Resolution Email
Shortly after the invoice is due– Template
Strong email overdue reminder – client has multiple overdue invoices
Template of a Pre-order announcement email
Template of new employee announcement email
Template of open position announcement email
Template of promotion email template announcement
Thank You Letter to Customer
Thank you very much for your order
The “Thanks for Subscribing” Welcome Email
The Product-Focused Welcome Email
To schedule a meeting with someone you do not know
To schedule a meeting with someone you know
Video interview invitation email
Webinar invitation email template

Announcement – Survey Rollout
Annual Evaluation Form
Basic survey questionnaire
Blank survey
Business survey
Compensation Survey
Customer Feedback Survey
Employee Benefits Survey
Employee Engagement Survey
Employee Engagement Survey
Employee Feedback Survey for Manager A4
Employee Motivation Survey
Employee Onboarding Survey
Employee Resignation Survey
Exit Interview Survey
Feedback Survey
Job Satisfaction Survey
Management Performance Survey
Market Survey
Meeting Survey
New Employee Orientation Survey
Parent survey
Patient Satisfaction Survey
Post-training survey
Product Survey
Real estate client survey
Recruiting Satisfaction Survey
Restaurant Customer Expectations Survey
Restaurant Customer Service Survey
Restaurant Employee Survey
Restaurant Survey Questionnaire
Safety Culture Survey
Sample Restaurant Survey
Student questionnaire
Team Performance
Training Evaluation Survey
Workplace Evaluation Survey

More Documents With Platinum

Advanced Business Plans (31)

Brand Loyalty Survey
Business Credit Application
Checklist For How To Apply For Government Grants
Checklist Giving Job Performance Feedback
Checklist Industry Analysis
Checklist Market Planning
Checklist To Improve Customer Service
Client Satisfaction Survey
Competitor Analysis Worksheet
Cost Analysis Of Market Research Methods
Customer Feedback Form
Customer Return Report
  Employee Compliance Survey
Employee Satisfaction Survey
Executive Summary – For Startups
Executive Summary For Investors
Financial Record Storage Guidelines
Franchise Feasibility Test
Importance Scale Survey
Letter Of Acknowledgment Of Customer Appreciation Of Employee
Letter Of Request For An Equity Investment
Market Survey B2B
New Employee Survey
Performance Evaluation
Quality Comparison Survey
Quality Scale Survey
Request For Customer Feedback
Risk Assessment Matrix
Start-Up Costs Worksheet
Steps To Market A New Product
Vendor Evaluation

Marketing, Sales & Finance Excel Sheets (09)

2022 Marketing Plan Template
Break_Even_Analysis v1

Admin Documents (12)

Business Analysis worksheet
Cancellation of Credit Line
Cash flow management (SOP)
Checklist Dealing with Shareholders and Investors
Checklist Equipment Inventory List
Checklist Pretermination
Collection Letter Final
How to manage a payroll system (SOP)
Human Resources Management Strategies Checklist
Management Audit
Organization Wide Goals

Accounting & Finance (15)

12 Tips To Achieve Financial Growth In Business
Advertising Expenses
Board Resolution Approving Financial Statements
Business Ethics and Conduct Disclosure Statement
Certification Enclosing Financial Statements
Credit Information Request
Credit Policy
Financial Support Agreement Regarding Guaranty of Obligation
Income Continuation Protection Agreement
Investment Policy Statement
Mission Statement
Request Delay to Present Financial Statement
Restrictions on Credit
Statement and Policy Prohibiting Illegal Discrimination
Vision Statement
Witness Statement Form

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